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Mack Paul for NC Senate
PO Box 788 
Raleigh, NC 27602

Paid for and Authorized by Mack for NC

Paid for by Mack Paul for NC Senate

Endorsements & Distinctions


Lucy Allen 

Former Mayor of Louisburg

Mack’s background as a small business owner, real estate attorney and civic leader, would give us a strong advocate for economic development in Franklin County in the NC Senate.

Janet Cowell

Former Raleigh City Councilmember, NC State Senator & NC State Treasurer

I’ve known Mack for many years through his community service. He is thoughtful and intelligent. I have no doubt he will be an effective leader in the NC Senate.

Jessica Holmes

Chair, Wake County Board of Commissioners

Mack Paul is a long-time community leader who shares my concern for affordable housing and economic opportunity. I’ve seen him affect positive change for our community many times. One example, he developed an innovative measure to support housing affordability that saved hundreds of affordable units in Wake County. He’s got my vote!

Jim Hunt

Former Governor

of North Carolina

I couldn’t be more pleased to voice my enthusiastic support for Mack Paul in his campaign for NC Senate District 18.  I’ve known Mack for more than 25 years and count him as a good friend. His strong work ethic and fair-minded approach would provide the kind of leadership we need now in the General Assembly. He served as my Wake County campaign manager when I was reelected as Governor in 1996 and I have no doubt Mack will support the legacy we created for early childhood education, high wage jobs, and a sound environment.

Christine Kuschner

Wake County School Board Member and Former Board Chair 2014-15

I worked closely with Mack Paul during the 2011 Wake School Board elections. Mack provided pivotal leadership to support pro-public school candidates and helped elect a Board that has been dedicated to giving every child access to a high quality public education. I know Mack will make improving public education for all children in North Carolina a top priority.

Charles Meeker

Former Mayor of Raleigh

I’m thrilled to support Mack Paul for the NC Senate. Mack was instrumental in my election in 2001 to Mayor of Raleigh. He joined me as a community activist and championed our neighborhoods and the revitalization of downtown Raleigh.  Mack is respected throughout the community for his integrity, vision and ability to build bridges and find workable solutions.

James Roberson

Mayor of Knightdale

I worked with Mack on a non-profit board addressing the economic needs of our diverse community. Mack will bring concern for improving opportunities for all people in our community to his work in the General Assembly.

Deborah Ross

Former NC House Representative

Mack wisely has focused his campaign on economic security and helping families deal with the growing challenges of the new economy. We need to get Mack elected to the NC Senate because he will work to ensure all of our people have the tools necessary to build better lives for themselves and their families.

Betty Lou Ward

Former Wake County Commissioner

I got to know Mack early on in my 28-year tenure on the Wake County Board of Commissioners. He has my utmost respect as a consensus builder who listens to all sides.

James West

Wake County Board of Commissioners

When I was retiring from the NC State University faculty 20 years ago and wanted to get more involved in the community, I got to know Mack Paul. We first worked together on smart growth and improving public transportation. But over the years, Mack and I have joined forces time and time again working in all segments of our society to ensure folks have a fair opportunity for economic success.

Clif Williams

Mayor, Town of Aurora

Even though I’m a lifelong Republican, I couldn’t be prouder to endorse Mack as a Democrat in his race for the NC State Senate. During my nine years as Mayor of Aurora, Mack has worked untold hours to help our small town develop and not once has he charged us a nickel. He’s done it because his family farmed here for generations and he’s never forgotten where he comes from.

Smedes York

Former Mayor of Raleigh

Mack and I have worked together on many issues critical to this community and region.  They include creating a strong transportation network, improving public school facilities, and protecting open space.  He has the best interest of our community at heart and will make an outstanding state senator.

Billie Redmond

Independent Businesswoman and Civic Leader

I've known Mack for a number of years, having had an opportunity to work with him on both civic and business endeavors. He understands what small businesses and entrepreneurs require to thrive and grow. I believe Mack will bring a balanced perspective to his work as a state senator.