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Mack Paul for NC Senate
PO Box 788 
Raleigh, NC 27602

Paid for and Authorized by Mack for NC

Paid for by Mack Paul for NC Senate

Our Campaign

Putting People Ahead of Politics

Statements from Mack:

See Our Campaign Priorities Below:

Quality Education

Mack led the fight in 2011 for a Wake County Public School System that ensures every child has access to a quality education no matter where they live. He believes a strong education system is the key not only for our children but for our continued status as a great place to live and raise a family.

Sustainable Housing

Mack has advised local governments on ways to generate a wider range of housing options such as workforce housing and affordable housing. He advocates for sound planning to ensure there is affordable housing in our transit corridors and near job centers.

Good-Paying Jobs

Mack is an expert on public-private partnerships bringing government and the private sector together to create vibrant sustainable communities. He believes when we prioritize hard-working people over partisan politics, we can implement solutions that will rebuild our middle class and make a hard day’s work, a good day’s pay.

Reliable Transit

Mack has been a leader for over 20 years in creating a regional transit vision that has led to the Wake County Transit Plan. He served on the Special Transit Advisory Commission and as senator he will seek to remove roadblocks at the state level that impede implementation of our transit plan.

Fair Elections

Mack supports establishing an independent commission to end gerrymandering. A major focus of this campaign is on ending cycle of polarization.

Rural Improvements

Mack has deep roots in eastern North Carolina and understands the struggles of rural communities. He has worked on improving educational opportunities including the community college system, broadband connectivity and infrastructure improvements to encourage economic development in our rural areas.