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Mack Paul for NC Senate
PO Box 788 
Raleigh, NC 27602

Paid for and Authorized by Mack for NC

Paid for by Mack Paul for NC Senate

Meet Mack

A North Carolina native and local community leader, Mack has a strong record of supporting North Carolina Public Schools and creating jobs in our state. He and his wife, Julie, have raised two daughters who attended Wake County Public Schools.

In 2011, he chaired the Wake County Democratic Party, leading the charge to elect a majority to the Wake County School Board to ensure every child has access to a quality public education. Mack received his B.A. in History at Dartmouth College, his M.S. in Education at the University of Southern California and his J.D. at Columbia University School of Law.

"I'll work every day to build a better future

for you and your family."

When it came time for Julie and me to lay down roots after graduate school, I felt drawn to return to the place I considered home – North Carolina. Ultimately we both believed North Carolina held the promise of a great place to raise a family and a welcoming environment to start our careers. Our hope was always to find ways to contribute and make a positive difference in our community.


That decision 27 years ago was the best we’ve made of our married lives because it has led to so many good things. Our daughters Emma and Lee, who are now 23 and 20 respectively, grew up in safe neighborhoods surrounded by friends and family. They also attended some of the best schools in the country here in North Carolina. Julie, after staying home with the kids when they were young, jumped back into her career. She headed up PlaySpace for years and was a driving force behind the eventual creation of Marbles Kids Museum. Julie recently completed 8 years as executive director of Urban Land Institute of the Triangle, a place dedicated to bringing together real estate leaders and policymakers to create thriving communities.


My career has been focused on building community as well. I’m a real estate lawyer and a founding partner at Morningstar Law Group. As such, I’ve learned a lot about running a small business, as well as bringing people together to solve problems and achieve results. I have worked with community leaders to ensure every child in Wake County has access to a quality public education. I have forged alliances over 20 years to help bring a regional transit system to Wake County. I also have worked closely with environmentalists and concerned citizens to conserve hundreds of acres of environmentally sensitive areas and create new parks and greenways. In the course of doing my job, I’ve come to deeply value the importance of listening, considering other perspectives and working collaboratively to arrive at the best possible solutions.


I’m running for NC State Senate because the opportunity to build a good life that came our way all those years ago has diminished. That concerns me for our state, for my family and for yours.


My daughter Emma recently got married and our hope is that she and her husband will decide to settle down here in North Carolina near us. If our luck holds, Lee will decide to do the same when she finishes college. 


There is nothing Julie and I want more than for our daughters and the generation they represent to have the same vibrant opportunities we did when we started our lives here. 


I’m running for the NC Senate to fight for young families, for working families, and for people who find it harder and harder to make ends meet. I believe their success is the promise of a North Carolina that’s better for all.